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NBM Brochure

Our brochure gives you some insight to NBM Design as well as the products and services we offer. Whether you're looking for innovative system components, fully integrated PLD systems or custom engineering solutions, you'll find the information here. Click to learn more.

Substrate Manipulator with Integrated Heater

NBM offers a complete line of rotating substrate heaters for use in a variety of deposition processes. The manipulators are designed to withstand extreme operating environments that are typical of high-temperature deposition environments. Click to learn more.

Multiple Target Manipulator

NBM’s target manipulator is a high-performance vacuum manipulator with a robust design and a simplified maintenance scheme. It features multiple targets that can be positioned in the deposition aperture using the included software control package. Click to learn more.

Micro-PLD System

Our micro-PLD system is perfect for beginning a PLD lab on a budget. It has all of the elements needed for a base system, and inherently contains the flexibility to expand on its capabilities in the future. Click to learn more.

Turn-key PLD system with Load Lock

The PLD system with load lock is a completely customizable system for the most demanding applications. The load lock can transfer both the targets and substrates, saving valuable time in setting up new depositions. This system can be fully automated for complete control of all parameters. Click to find out more.

Pulsed Laser Deposition System with High Pressure RHEED
Introducing a system designed to perform beyond traditional expectations. Your system comes ready to install into your lab with minimal setup. Click to learn more.