Design Methodology
NBM Design manufactures standard and custom deposition systems to fit various customer requirements. We offer a variety of process and technology combinations to provide optimum system solutions.

Our engineers and technicians will work with you to create a system that will address current and future capabilities. We can also assist in identifying potential future upgrades that may affect the system geometry. The result of our design methodolgy is a true research deposition system with built-in expandibility and flexibility while maintaining the ruggedness of commericial semiconductor tools.

Complete Lab Solution
NBM Design can provide a complete PLD lab for those users who are seeking to do so. We include everything needed to begin using PLD in a research environment with very little startup time. Aside from providing the laser, vacuum system and PLD components, we can provide peripherals such as gas cabinets, room safety sensors, and other items as needed. Contact us to learn more about our Complete Lab Solution.

Rotating Substrate Heaters for PLD
Our rotating substrate heaters are designed to be rugged and require minimal maintenance. The maximum temperature of the heater element is 1200°C, one of the highest in the industry. A great deal of flexibility and functionality can be realized by utilizing this broad range of temperature capability. The heaters come complete with a power supply designed to work in conjuction with a RHEED system.

Multiple Target Manipulators for PLD
Our target manipulators can be supplied with one, two, three, four, or six target positions. We typically provide 1" & 2" diameter target holders, but can accomodate other sizes as well. Our target holders feature a spring-loaded positioner that places the face of the target at the same position every time, removing the need for continuous adjustment of the laser spot.

NBM Design also offers control packages to automate laser, target, and substrate actions. Our packages include a hardware and software bundle that will allow customization of the deposition processes. Automated pump-down, interlocks, and sample monitoring are just a few of the options that we can install into our automation packages.

Custom Stages and Manipulators
At NBM Design, we can build staging and manipulation apparatus for a variety of applications in either production or research environments. Installing one of our custom stages can extend the life of an otherwise obsolete system.

Our engineers can create custom stages that fit your precise needs. We have built stand-alone stages and combination stages featuring heating, cooling, rotation, and biasing. Whether you need a substrate or target stage, NBM Design will build it to fit your exact specifications and functionality needs.